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Medical Oncology Doctors
Medical Oncology Doctors
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Medical Oncology Institutions
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Medical Oncology Doctors

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Prof. Dr. Serkan KESKİN
Doç. Dr. Abdullah SAKİN
Doç. Dr. Suna ÇOKMERT
Doç. Dr. Ahmet Tunç ÖZDEMİR
Prof. Dr. Emin Gökhan KANDEMİR
Prof. Dr. Nur ŞENER

The term oncology comes from the Greek words 'onkos' (ur, tumor) and logos (science). In short, Oncology is the science of cancer.

Medical Oncology is the department where the treatment of cancer with drugs is provided. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases as well as life-long follow-up, supportive treatments and even prevention.

Medical Oncologists can cooperate with chemotherapy and surgical units, if necessary, at the point of treatment of cancer, taking into account scientific data. The Medical Oncologist is basically an internist but specializes in tumors.